There's been a barrage of announcements coming out of E3 this past week from all the big names in gaming. Here's a brief recount if you missed our coverage: Nintendo talked up its next generation console, the Wii U, putting a lot of emphasis on its new controller concept and their intention to target both casual and hardcore gamers. The company also celebrated the 25th anniversary of Zelda and announced a bunch of games.

Sony, after apologizing once again for the recent security breach, revealed 'Vita' as the official name for its PSP successor and announced that pricing for the quad-core handheld will start at $250. Thay also announced a PlayStation-branded 3DTV that can generate two totally different images at the same time, so combined with the included glasses each player will see an image that's only viewable through their lenses.

Microsoft didn't have any hardware announcements to make and instead focused on a bevy of Kinect-friendly titles, while also announcing a new Halo trilogy that is set to begin with Halo 4 in the fourth quarter of 2012. Besides software titles, the company revealed additional Dashboard features and live television streaming in the U.S. for the Xbox 360.

While the focus of the show was decidedly on consoles, PC gamers can also look forward to dozens of titles hitting the platform in the coming months, as you can see on our recent compilation of game trailers. All in all there was a little something for everybody so without dragging this on our question to you is: who do you think had the strongest showing at E3? Vote in the poll and comment below to let us know what you are looking forward to the most.