Google has updated version 12 of its browser. You can find the full changelog for this release of Chrome over at

The update addresses seven security vulnerabilities in the WebKit-based browser: one rated as six rated as High and one rated as Medium. Google spent $6,000.00 in bug bounties for the flaws fixed in this release. The new release also includes an updated version of Adobe Flash Player: version

The latest stable build has been updated from version 12.0.742.100 to 12.0.742.112. You can download it now for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Those who currently have Chrome installed can use the built-in update function under the About Google Chrome menu item.

The stable version of Chrome 12 was released earlier this month, adding features such as hardware accelerated 3D CSS, new Safe Browsing protection against downloading malicious files, and the ability to delete Flash cookies from inside Chrome (previously only manageable using an online settings application on Adobe's website). Google has also integrated Sync into the new settings pages, improved screen reader support, and added a new warning when hitting Command-Q on the Mac. You can now launch apps by name from the Omnibox but on the other hand, the search giant has removed Google Gears.

Google is pushing out this update as a security fix. Nevertheless, Chrome 13 should be released next month, according to the company's schedule of releasing a new stable build every six weeks. Chrome is used by 1 in 8 users on the Web.