Microsoft has detailed a few more changes coming to Explorer in the next version of Windows. In a long blog post over at the Building Windows 8 blog, Microsoft Director of Program Management Alex Simons announced that the company will bring the 'ribbon' UI to its ubiquitous file manager tool in an effort to provide easy access to hundreds of features and highlight a few 'hidden gems', all while respecting Explorer's heritage as a powerful file manager.

Simons says the decision to redesign Explorer is based on opt-in data from hundreds of Windows users showing that, despite having over 200 commands, only ten of those represent 81.8% of Explorer's total usage and only two of the top 10 commands are featured prominently in Vista and Windows 7's command bar.

Microsoft wants to address these inefficiencies in the next version of Windows, and though Simons acknowledges that Explorer's new look might meet opposition from power users, he believes that the redesign has its benefits. He also promised keyboard shortcuts for every command in the ribbon, UI customizations with the quick access toolbar, and like the ribbon in other Microsoft products, the one in Explorer will be collapsible to save screen real estate when needed.

Check out the video below where Alex Simons goes through a few of the changes in the next Windows Explorer: