With an undying passion for technology, some of us have more electronics than RadioShack. Although your desk surface may be a silicon junkyard, you undoubtedly spend more time with specific devices depending on your lifestyle. Folks bound to a chair all day might have a greater appreciation for a particular desktop component or application while road warriors are more likely to value mobile gear such as GPS, smartphones or tablets.

Photographers have a natural affinity for image capture technology and gamers would obviously value certain peripherals the rest of us can do without. Hell, we're sure some of you probably have coffee makers with more digital controls than cell phones did a decade ago. Our question is: what's your favorite "gadget" and why? Again, the door is wide open. Name any component, accessory, general electronic or software that's most important to you.

It's a tough call for me, but because I spend so much time typing, I've invested in a decent mechanical keyboard and I think I appreciate that the most (it's a Filco 104 with blue switches and black PBT keycaps if you're interested). Shawn is most grateful for the speed boost of the 240GB Vertex 3, though his Panasonic Lumix GF2 Micro Four Thirds is a close second.

Image via rangizzz/Shutterstock