Google has updated their Chrome web browser to version 15 for Windows, Mac and Linux, which brings the usual bug fixes and security updates as well as a New Tab page. Google also used the opportunity to revamp the design and functionality of their web store.

The New Tab page is all about accessing your favorite apps and discovering new ones faster. When you open a new tab, a list of apps will appear on screen. You can drag and drop apps to rearrange them and if there is an app you don't want in the list, you can drag it to the bottom right of the screen where a recycle bin will appear to get rid of it. If you want to add new apps to the page, hit the Chrome Web Store to select what you want.

Users can also view their most visited sites in the New Tab page by either clicking the description at the bottom of the screen or using the arrows on either side of the window.

The Web Store also has a new look and feel. Apps and extensions are presented in a wall of images that's updated each time you visit the store. Google hopes this will help users quickly scan the store for new apps that they want to try out. Items in the Web Store are also easier to install - just hover over the app or extension and click "Add to Chrome."

A complete list of security fixes and bugs can be found on Google's Chrome Releases blog.