Google is working with Intel to release a version of Android designed to run on tablets, laptops and other computers with x86 chips. They've made some progress on that front, enabling Android 2.3 to run on embedded systems powered by an Atom E6xx series chip, but it seems the folks over at the Android-x86 project are a step ahead with the first release of Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich for x86.

The port is currently optimized for tablets with AMD Brazos chips inside, including the MSI WindPad 110W or Acer Iconia Tab W500. It's still a little rough around the edges: Wi-Fi, touchscreen input and OpenGL ES hardware acceleration with the Brazos' Radeon GPU are supported, but drivers for wired Ethernet connections, cameras, sound, and hardware-accelerated graphics output on Intel graphics adapters are still missing.

According to developer Chih-Wei Huang, posting in the android-x86 group, AMD is supporting the project by donating devices and offering technical advise from their engineers. Intel on the other hand appears focused on their own port of Android and so far has refused to give the Android-x86 project any support.

The group is therefore currently only offering one Android 4.0.1 ISO image for the AMD Brazos platform. You can grab the 191MB file from the project download page, where you'll also find links for other versions of Android-x86, including a Honeycomb release optimized for Asus tablets and laptops.