Three more Intel Ivy Bridge ULV (Ultra-Low-Voltage) processors have been unearthed courtesy of VR-Zone. Furthermore, the team has dug up information on the programmable TDP of all five ULV models, noting that Intel is allowing for a great deal of flexibility for their partners.

The Core i3-3217U operates at 1.8GHz by default but can scale back to as low as 800MHz with a TDP of 14W. There’s no Turbo Boost on this or any other Core i3 processor and the graphics are clocked at 1050MHz instead of the typical 1150MHz.

Intel’s Core i5-3317U features a default clock of 1.7GHz and can drop to the same 800MHz / 14W TDP as the previously mentioned i3 part. Turbo Boos allows speeds up to 2.4GHz for two cores and up to 2.6GHz for a single core. Graphics are also clocked the same as the i3-3217U but are unlocked at the discretion of the manufacturer.

The higher-end Core i7-3517U runs at 1.9GHz and can be pushed up to 2.4GHz by increasing the TDP to 25W. Turbo Boost can push two cores to 2.8GHz or a single core to 3GHz. There’s also a full 4MB of cache onboard.

These new parts join the two existing ULV CPUs that were detailed in December, the Core i7-3667U and the Core i5-3427U. The i7-3667U operates at 1.8GHz and 17W TDP by default but can go as low as 14W / 800MHz or up to 25W / 2.3GHz. The i5-3427U ships at 2GHz and can reach speeds of 2.5GHz at 25W or the same 800MHz at 14W.

VR-Zone points out that products ending in ‘17’ look to be OEM chips and are missing support for Intel vPro and TXT technology while the i3-3217U additionally lacks VT-d and AES-NI.