One year. Three-hundred and sixty five days. Eight thousand and seventy-six hours. This is the amount of time I've spent with my Samsung Galaxy Ace. This isn't a review so much as an assessment of the device after an extended period of time. One year is plenty of time for phones to come out and eclipse the Ace. Yet... here I am, still, with it. It's running Android 2.3; an official update, and the only one the phone has ever seen.

The Ace should reasonably be outgunned by plenty of different phones now, though strangely, it's still holding its own in the low to mid-range market. It has also been more popular than I had expected; I have seen a surprising number of Galaxy Ace owners, and I also know some of them personally. With these other sources I've been able to learn more about how my own Galaxy Ace stacks up compared to others, in case there are even marginal differences between the devices.

Take the time to embark with me on a review of the first smartphone I have ever owned. Along the way expect a few comparisons with other devices. As the phone market changes I feel it is worthwhile to include occasional references and comparisons with other devices. After all, some readers may have weighed up these devices for themselves, or they might even own them. Sit back and enjoy the review; it's been a year in the making. It's a long one; over 9,000 words about the Samsung Galaxy Ace. Enjoy.

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