A new web browser is now available for select iOS users that offers many features not found in Safari's mobile browser. Maxthon was previously only available for the iPad and desktops but now it's compatible with the iPhone 3GS and above as well as the third and fourth generation iPod Touch.

Maxthon is described by some as a cornucopia of features that have been borrowed from other browsers and rolled into one. When you first open Maxthon or open a new tab (yes, there's tabbed browsing support), you are greeted with an array of quick-launch icons that can launch a website with a single tap. These tiles are customizable so you can create your own favorites list or use some that have been preselected by Maxthon. This feature is similar to one found on Opera's mobile browser.

As we already mentioned, there's tabbed browsing as well as a smart address bar and favorites synching. These are all features that Chrome for iOS users will be familiar with.

Other noteworthy features include private browsing, a download manager and a Reader mode. The latter reportedly allows you to open a webpage in an easier-to-read format that isn't cluttered with ads. If a webpage is compatible with Reader mode, a small book icon will be displayed on the site. This feature can be set to open automatically whenever a compatible page is opened.

Maxthon is now available in the App Store free of charge so if you're looking for an alternative to Safari Mobile, this could be worth checking out.