Nvidia just published its WHQL-certified 314.22 GeForce drivers. Simply put, if your PC is armed with a GeForce graphics card and you've recently picked up either Tomb Raider or Bioshock: Infinite – you're going to want this update.

Download GeForce 314.22 (WHQL) drivers here:

In comparison to a previous set of WHQL drivers (314.07), Nvidia claims its new drivers – while paired with a GTX 680 – increase Bioshock: Infinite performance by 41 percent and a staggering 71 percent for Tomb Raider.

Although the results posted were generated with a GeForce GTX 680, gains "will be seen on other GPUs" according to Nvidia, but at "varying degrees". As always, keep in mind these numbers likely represent best-case scenarios under specific settings and conditions, so your own mileage may will vary. 

Boosts are also marked for Sniper Elite V2 (22 percent) and Sleeping Dogs (12 percent) as well as a variety of titles under SLI configurations. Improvements under SLI configs include Starcraft II (10 percent), Sniper Elite V2 (22 percent) and Sleeping Dogs (22 percent).

Nvidia 3D Vision has also been improved for MUD, Brutal Legend and Tomb Raider while CUDA 5-based application support has also been slipped in.

Nvidia's GeForce Experience utility (still in beta) can be used to instantly apply optimal game settings for numerous titles, including Bioshock: Infinite. Gamers can snag the utility here.