An internal document allegedly sent to AppleCare employees, official retail stores and authorized resellers reveals a replacement program for third generation Apple TV products affected by Wi-Fi issues. The issues in question include not being able to locate or join a Wi-Fi network as well as intermittent connections, according to 9to5Mac.

In the memo, Apple said they have determined that a very small number of third generation Apple TV products may be affected. Sales partners are informed that Apple will replace affected products for up to two years from the original date of purchase free of charge pending approval from an Apple technician.

Apple noted that the last four letters of the serial number of the Apple TV must be DRHN while the fourth and fifth alphanumeric characters of the serial number must contain one of the following pairs: H9, HC, HD, HF, HG, HH, HJ, HK, HL, HM, HN, HP, HQ, HR, HT, HV, HW, HX, J1, J2, J3, J4, J5, J6, J7, J8 or J9. It's worth pointing out that the initial bulletin indicated these letters would be in the third and fourth positions but that's since been updated.

A series of troubleshooting steps must also be followed before a replacement can be issued which includes verifying the unit is running software version 5.2.1 or later, eliminating any source of potential Wi-Fi interference and isolating the issue to the Apple TV. If all of these requirements are met, Apple will issue a free replacement.