There are a number of reasons to build a custom PC but chief among them is price. Find the right deals on individual components and you can put together a sweet gaming rig for far less than it would cost to have a boutique PC builder do the work for you.

That said, Digital Storm has unveiled a new line of gaming PCs designed to eradicate high price tags typically associated with boutique PCs. The new Vanquish line is available in four levels ranging in price from $699 up to $1,399 which represents a premium of between $23 to $58 over what it would cost you to buy the parts and configure the system yourself.

As you can see in the chart above, Digital Storm spares no expense when selecting name-brand components for each level build. Asus motherboards, Corsair memory and Corsair power supplies are present in every build – as is the three year warranty.

Digital Storm said the difference in price is a no brainer and that DIY is simply not worth the hassle. That may be true if you are lacking some free time to research components for a build but as we all know, physically building your own rig is part of the fun. Furthermore, if you’re new to PC gaming or hardware in general, you might not have the technical know-how to put together a computer – no shame in that.

The boutique builder is now accepting orders for the Vanquish on their website for those interested.