Microsoft's Windows Phone has met its fair share of criticism since its launch in 2010, along with receiving a number of updates addressing various issues. Today, reports are suggesting that Microsoft has some interesting new features in the works that are said to be coming to the update we currently know as Windows Phone 8.1.

According to the report, the new features will come in the way of a new Notification Center and a much improved personal assistant that is said to rival Apple's Siri. With Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft will introduce its Cortana personal assistant feature, which is said to offer a much deeper and more personalized experience than the current options, as well as making WP8.1 much more competitive with Apple and Google's technology.

The new Notification Center sounds like it will work very similar to its Android and iOS counterparts, users will swipe down from the top of the screen to access it. One difference is that it will include short and long swipe functionality to bring up quick settings and notification history respectively.

Today's reports also mention a few other bits of information about the upcoming WP8.1 update including seperate volume control for media playback and ringtones. Apparently the People Hub will also get enhanced with Facebook and Twitter support. Beyond that, expect to see separate Xbox Music and Video apps along with new Nokia hardware expected to launch around the same time as WP8.1.

Right now, it is believed that Microsoft will be revealing Windows Phone 8.1 next year in April at the company's BUILD event.