DOTA 2 has been out for quite a while now and most of you diehard fans out there have probably already mastered one, if not all of the available characters. But did you know that there are gamers who have never had a chance to experience Valve's newest MOBA? A queue system has been in place ever since the game started, forcing players to sign up and “wait” until they were allowed access into the title.

That's all changing though, with Valve announcing that it is removing the queue that limited how many new players could join the game. The move is seen as an attempt to boost DOTA 2's numbers, and create a larger community of players. In its latest blog post, Valve boasted that it sees around 6.5 million active monthly players. Note that they did not say “unique” so this may be the same players coming back for more fun each day. These are solid statistics, but nothing compared to what Riot's popular MOBA, League of Legends sees each month.

It will be very interesting to see if this will draw more players into the DOTA 2 ranks, and if Valve will see a noticeable bump to the title's population each month. If you want to jump on the DOTA 2 bandwagon but were previously unable to, you can now simply head to the title's Steam page and hit “Play Now” to join in on the fun.