Facebook on Monday released an update for its iOS Messenger app, making it easy to share photos and videos. The updated version of the app includes a new interface that provides a single row of icons through which you can quickly insert voice messages, pictures, videos, and stickers into your chats.

The most prominent feature added to this version is the ability to take quick selfies. Just tap the camera icon above the keyboard and half of the screen turns into the front-facing camera viewfinder. Tap again and your selfie is instantly sent.

Of course, you can still send pics the old-fashioned way, by attaching existing photos from your camera roll, but the new in-app camera allows you to click and send pics without having to leave a conversation.

Until now, Facebook Messenger could only send pics, not videos. The new update not only adds this long overdue feature but also now lets you watch videos inline. However, you still cannot record videos from within the app.

The update also allows you to download sticker packs straight from conversation threads. The moment someone sends you a sticker, just tap and hold down on it to download the pack. Lastly, a new always-open search bar now lets you find people and groups quickly.

The world's most popular social network says a similar update will roll out to Android some time this week.