HS Kim, executive vice president of Samsung's visual display business, proclaimed back in January that 4K Ultra HD television set prices would drop rapidly and consumer adoption would take off faster than anticipated. Judging by LG's just-announced Ultra HD lineup, the executive may well have been correct with the prediction.

LG is showing off seven new sets across three model series at CE Week now through June 27 in New York City. Each offering features IPS panel technology and LG's webOS-based smart television platform.

In a press release on the matter, David VanderWaal, head of marketing for LG Electronics USA, said LG is serious about making Ultra HD TVs a reality for consumers now. It's why their new lineup offers a broad variety of series, class sizes and prices.

If you recall, LG purchased the webOS code and patents from HP in early 2013 and launched its first webOS-powered sets in March of this year. Thus far, the Korean manufacturer has already sold more than a million televisions running the smart TV platform.

The new lineup starts with the UB8500 series which features LED edge lighting with local dimming, multiple HDMI inputs, H.265 decoding and a 20-watt speaker system. Sets are available in 49-inch and 55-inch models priced at $1,499 and $1,999, respectively.

The UB9500, meanwhile, steps things up a bit with a higher-powered 35-watt speaker system that includes a subwoofer and a different form factor. Sets in this series include the 55-inch model that sells for $2,500 and a larger 65-incher that'll command $3,500.

If money is no object, the UB9800 range is where you'll want to start shopping. The flagship series includes audio solutions from Harman Kardon mated with your choice of a 65-inch, 79-inch or 84-inch screen priced at $4,500, $8,000 and $15,000, respectively.

If none of those options are large enough, we hear there's a massive 98-inch set in the works as well. No word on how much that'll set you back, however.