Amazon's new Fire phone features much of the same functionality as its competition, so the company is doing everything it can to showcase the device's head tracking technology.

A while back Amazon began acquiring game development talent to add to its in house studio. We have seen a few titles from Amazon Game Studio, but its clear some of its resources have been in part dedicated to new mobile game's that specifically take advantage of the tracking tech. Basically speaking, you can use "Dynamic Perspective" technology to see hidden areas and secrets as well as for basic navigation in-games, among other things.

The first two out of the gate are Saber's Edge and To-Fu Fury. The latter is a puzzle platformer in the vein of other mobile and indie titles and features a Tofu ninja as its main character. Along with "frenetic" melee combat, the game makes use of a variety of environmental gameplay and puzzles giving players the ability to interact differently to various surfaces."Stick to wooden surfaces, slide down slippery jade, and use metal to ricochet towards your goal… but beware the deadly traps and devious Hoshi bandits!," the game's description reads.

Saber's Edge is a strategic puzzler with a sky pirate theme. It is essentially your typical match 3 game with some RPG elements weaved through it, along with the tracking implementation. The game allows you "to chain attacks, plan your defenses, and defeat your enemies like never before!…become the most renowned Raiders across the entire Seven Skies!" 

Both games are $1.99 and are exclusive to Amazon's Fire phone. To-Fu Fury is available now and Saber's Edge is coming soon.