Android users, rejoice! After bringing the feature to PCs and tablets, Google might bring support for multiple users to smartphones as well, helping you restrict your kids from making in-app purchases, as well as keeping your nosy friends and relatives at bay. The feature will also likely appeal to those who carry a single smartphone for both personal and business use.

The revelation came after a member of the Android developer forum asked about the possibility of extending the multiple accounts feature to smartphones and enabling restrictions on accounts for children. Within a few hours, a developer at Google responded that "The development team has implemented this feature and it will be available as a part of the next public build".

While the reply lacks specifics, it does confirm that the features are coming as part of an upcoming Android "public build", which likely refers to Android L.

For those unaware, the multiple accounts feature lets you set up auxiliary accounts once the primary account is setup. Using this feature, you can create, for example, a guest account which has its own homescreen, apps, gallery, and more. So, whenever you want to (or are compelled to) share your device with others, you can login to any of these accounts and keep your privacy.