Sony's QX10 and QX100 lens camera systems offer its users the best of both worlds: high-quality digital images with the flexibility of a smartphone. The only problem is that they aren't exactly cheap and they're proprietary meaning they can't be used with other Sony camera gear.

According to a new report from Sony Alpha Rumors, Sony is addressing the latter concern with its upcoming ILCE-QX1 accessory. Unlike the two existing solutions, the new QX1 features an interchangeable system so users can attach any of Sony's E-Mount lenses. This eliminates the proprietary nature of the smartphone accessory so long as you are already invested in Sony's NEX camera ecosystem.

The camera system appears to use an Exmor APC-S sensor based on the accompanying photos.

Leaked images also suggest the QX1 has some sort of built-in pop-up flash. What's more, the images show the camera system paired with what appears to be the as-yet announced Sony Xperia Z3.

The barebones kit is expected to retail for around $400. If you want a lens with it, Sony will throw in its 16-50mm kit for an extra $200. At these prices, the lens camera system will no doubt remain a niche product but again, it's nice to see Sony advancing the technology - especially for those already invested in Sony's E-Mount system.

The ILCE-QX1 is expected to break cover tomorrow during Sony's media event ahead of IFA 2014.