During a recent interview with Time, U2 front man Bono revealed his band is working with Apple to create a new digital music format. The singer believes the new format will be so irresistible, it'll tempt consumers to once again buy digital music.

Years ago, compact discs were the preferred choice for music listeners. As technology advanced, optical drives allowed consumers to "rip" their music from discs into a digital format on their computers. While popular among techies, digital music really didn't take off until the iPod's arrival in 2001.

Two years later, Apple launched the iTunes Store and quickly became the market leader for digital music purchases. This remains true to this very day although consumer interest in purchasing digital music has waned considerably over the past few years as streaming music providers have all but taken over the music scene.

Bono didn't elaborate on the plans but it wouldn't be the first time Apple has expressed interest in creating a new digital music format.

As Apple Insider notes, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was hip to the idea of creating a high-definition digital format. Rock legend Neil Young said he was working with Jobs on a project that would have offered studio quality sound the way artists intend their music to be heard.

Young ultimately decided to go at it without Apple's help. He created a new company called PonoMusic and launched a Kickstarter campaign earlier this year to fund the creation of a high-definition portable audio player called the PonoPlayer.