With Apple's Spring Forward media event now in the rearview mirror, the company's shareholders are turning their attention to what could very well be Apple's next major category - automobiles.

During its annual shareholders meeting, Cook fielded a question regarding rumors that Apple is interested in buying Tesla. Cook said they don't really have a relationship with the electric car maker although he'd love for them to pick up CarPlay.

He added that every major auto brand has committed to using their in-vehicle solution and maybe Tesla would want to do that before asking if that was a good way to avoid the question.

Apparently not.

A few minutes later, another investor got on the mic, saying he had put down a deposit for the very first Mac in 1984 and since that time, nothing has excited him like the Tesla Model S he owns. The shareholder pointed out that every time he sees it, it blows his mind and asked Cook if he was insane to think something might happen between the two companies.

The Apple CEO dodged the question once again, thinking out loud if there was another way to not answer the question before reiterating that they are very focused on CarPlay.

Rumors of a potential acquisition date back at least a year and were renewed last month on reports that Apple is indeed planning to enter the automotive industry. The two have been locked in an employee recruiting battle as of late and at least one entrepreneur believes a deal will happen within the next 18 months.