Remember "bendgate," the notion that Apple's iPhone 6 Plus was unusually weak to the point that it'd bend under moderate pressure or during normal use? The controversy has returned but this time, it's Samsung's new Galaxy S6 Edge that's under the spotlight.

SquareTrade, the extended warranty service provider that helped drive the original bendgate, recently put the Galaxy S6 Edge to the test alongside the iPhone 6 Plus and HTC One M9. Using a hardware rig dubbed the BendBot, SquareTrade found that both the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy S6 Edge bent under 110 pounds of pressure.

Unlike the iPhone, the glass screen of the S6 Edge cracked under pressure. The phone still worked, however, so the team ramped up the pressure to see how much it'd take to destroy the phone (which happened at 149 pounds). In contrast, the iPhone 6 Plus required 179 pounds of pressure before it gave up the ghost.

For those curious, the HTC One M9 both bent and broke at the 120 pound mark.

I still maintain that the whole bendgate argument is rather silly. Of course a long and thin gadget built of soft aluminum and glass is going to bend if subjected to enough force in the center. Pro tip - don't put your phone in your back pocket then sit on it.

What does this all mean for Samsung? Probably not a whole lot as the phone has proven quite sturdy in real-world testing with early reviews citing the S6 and S6 Edge as some of Samsung's best phones yet. Apple was able to diffuse the situation rather easily as I suspect Samsung will be able to do but not before having to eat crow.