LG is gearing up to launch their next flagship Android smartphone, the G4, on April 28th in a series of events across the globe. Clearly the company is extremely excited about the launch too, because they just can't help but tease the device and reveal some of its features.

The latest teaser trailer for the G4 reveals that the camera will have an f/1.8 lens, which is a full stop brighter than the f/2.4 lens found in its predecessor, the G3. This means a lot more light will hit the sensor, and presuming it still comes with optical image stabilization, images will turn out looking brighter and with better background blur.

LG has also teased the LG UX 4.0, which is the latest version of their Android skin set to debut on the G4. The skin will be "simpler and easier" than previous versions, with an all new look that contains only the essentials, plus some new features. This new skin will almost certainly be using Android 5.0 as a base operating system.

Of the supposedly new features shown in the clip, some are upgrades on existing functionality, such as Smart Bulletin and Smart Notice. Others, such as a manual camera mode, organizing photos by location, and unique ringtones for important contacts, are new to LG's custom Android skin.

As we saw previously, the LG G4 is expected to use a brand new 5.5-inch QHD+ display. Rumor has it the smartphone will also come with a Snapdragon 808 SoC, and potentially a leather (real or fake) back panel.