Canadian software engineer Catalin Alexandry Duru has broken the Guinness World Record for the farthest flight by a hoverboard. Duru's propeller-powered prototype board set the new record at 275.9 meters, around five times greater than the previous world record.

The hoverboard created by Duru flew over a meter above the water at Lake Ouareau, Quebec to break the world record in August last year. Following the usual Guinness verification process, Duru can now claim the world record with an impressive showing from a hoverboard that appears to be laden with equipment.

After the success of the Guinness World Record attempt, Duru and his business partners are creating a new, prototype hoverboard - controlled only by the feet of the pilot - that will hopefully lead to a commercial product down the line. The high-powered motors that made the world record hoverboard so successful will be a critical component of this commercial product.

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