We've seen some pretty adventurous crowdfunding campaigns over the past few years but the latest may take the cake. PornHub, the world's largest adult content site, is seeking to raise a whopping $3.4 million on Indiegogo to produce the first sex tape in space.

As the company's painfully cheesy / creepy pitch video details, the plan is to send porn stars Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins into orbit where they'll film the movie. They're calling the project "Sexploration" and the performs, well, they're the sextronauts.

Aside from a great pitch (which is clearly lacking here), a good crowdfunding campaign needs to have quality perks to attract funding.

A donation of just $10 is all that's needed to guarantee you'll get access to the finished film 24 hours before the rest of the world sees it. Other reward tiers include subscriptions to the actors' websites ($50), a shout-out in the bloopers reel of the film ($500), a lunch date with either star ($5,000), VIP access to the sex tape launch party ($10,000) and a space suit worn by the actor of your choice ($150,000).

PornHub notes that roughly 60 percent of the money raised will go to making the flight to space happen which includes training, suits for the crew and so on. A little over 20 percent will go to the overall cost of producing the film while the remaining money will be used to pay the actors and ship out perks.

Any bets on whether or not the campaign will get the funding it needs?