Coding can be intimidating for newbies. Beyond the basics of web creation, there are so many competing programming languages and specialized applications that it’s difficult to even get a handle on where to begin.

THIS is where to begin... pick up the Coding 101 bundle - now just $49 - and get you up on the ins and outs of programming every fledgling coder needs. You’ll get these eight courses:

  • Introduction to Web Development: Programming basics -- presented for the first-timer.
  • jQuery for Beginners: Explore the powerful jQuery framework for crafting visual effects, interface widgets and more.
  • iOS Development for Beginners: Learn how to make your awesome iPhone app idea a reality.
  • HTML5 Mobile App Development with PhoneGap: Create apps usable across all devices and platforms.
  • C Programming for Beginners: It’s the backbone of iOS app development - so learn all the tricks of C programming.
  • Python for Beginners: Basic and advanced features of newbie-friendly programming language Python.
  • JavaScript for Beginners: Master JavaScript, the language fueling web browsers worldwide.
  • HTML & CSS for Beginners: Find out how web pages function with a deep dive on basic web structure.

That’s more than 31 hours of instruction regularly priced at over $4,000 -- but you can get it at a fraction of that price ($49). Programming perfection is waiting for you.