Thanksgiving weekend marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season with a ton of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals already here and more on its way. Now, some of those deals are going to be killer ones, especially if you had planned to get new gear anyway, so timing couldn't be any better. On the other hand, some deep discounts that look good on paper could be the result of 'just ok' products that weren't moving off shelves at its regular prices.

That's where the TechSpot Product Finder comes in.

Our product database contains tens of thousand of tech products, from laptops and routers, to TVs and cameras. We've gathered all the reviews those products have received across the web to give you a TechSpot metascore, then dissect content within the reviews to highlight the biggest pros and cons, as found by experts.

Over the past few months we've worked on several improvements, adding Amazon pricing and user scores, which will help in deciding if a product is well liked or not by the hundreds or thousands of users that actually paid for those products.

In addition, the PF's search filters have made a comeback in time for the shopping season, further assisting in narrowing down results to the best ranked products.

Also don't forget we've been using Product Finder data ourselves, combined with our expertise and hands-on reviews, we've recently published our favorite picks on a number of important categories: The best in routers, smartphones, tablets, PC cases, affordable CPUs, the best graphics cards and laptops.

Coming up soon: An update to the TechSpot PC buying guide with component recommendations and best in storage 2015.