If you’re of a certain age, you’ll probably know what a mixtape is. Recording a series of themed songs onto an audio tape was a popularity activity several decades ago - a method often used by teenagers as a tragic way of getting girls to pity them even more. But now, Netflix has dragged the mixtape into the digital age with a new feature called Flixtape.

The Flixtape website allows Netflix subscribers to create a selection of their favorite movies and TV shows. In the ‘Make my own’ section, users can type in a theme (or generate one) and Netflix’s algorithms will try to work out what movies and shows are best suited to the title. Calling it “Zombies,” for example, creates a list containing Zombieland, World War Z, and Z Nation.

Netflix’s picks aren’t always totally accurate – Breaking Bad was one of the choices when I typed in “Horror Classics" – but you can add or remove selections as you see fit. There are also some pre-made Flixtapes available that are based on titles in your viewing history.

Once you’ve made your own Flixtape, you choose a cover and share the list with someone else. You can even post it on social media or send it via email.

There are few minor issues with the feature: it’s limited to a measly six selections, you can’t create Flixtapes in the Netflix mobile app, and you can’t watch anything directly from the playlist – you have to click on a link. Still, it’s a good way to let people know the wonderfully weird, obscure stuff they’re missing out on.