In the weeks leading up to the reveal of Battlefield I, rumors suggested the game may take place in an alternate reality World War II. That proved inaccurate, however, as we learned in May that Battlefield I will instead be inspired by the First World War.

As we inch closer to the October 21 launch date, much of the narrative regarding the game has to do with DICE's attention to detail as it relates to historical accuracy.

In the clip above, Era Game Designer Martin Kopparhed notes that there was a huge variety of weapons used in WWI - everything from clubs and medieval-style melee weapons to fast-firing and sub-machine guns. Design Director Lars Gustavsson said they've done extensive research in order to recreate the weapons with regard to how they sound, what they feel like and how you'll handle them in the game.

Infinity Ward and DICE are taking vastly different approaches to the next installments in their respective first-person shooters. While Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will take the fight beyond the confines of our home planet, Battlefield 1 players will step back in time. The directions couldn't be more opposite and despite the harsh criticism that Infinite Warfare has received thus far, it's really a win-win for gamers.

Think about it. If the two games were exactly alike - both set during World War I, for example - that wouldn't be much fun for players that prefer a more modern or futuristic approach to combat (and vice versa). There's an audience for both games and I have little doubt that each will rake in boatloads of money this holiday season and beyond.