Microsoft may very well extend its Surface brand to an entirely new product category if the latest scuttlebutt is to be believed.

The sleuths over at Windows Central claim Microsoft is actively testing Surface all-in-ones (AIOs) in three different display sizes: 21-inch at Full HD, 24-inch at 4K and 27-inch at 4K. While I agree that 1080p is adequate for a 21-inch display, a 24-incher is too small IMO for 4K (at least, if you plan to run at native resolution). Even 27 inches is pushing it; QHD seems like the right fit but I digress.

It's not clear if Microsoft plans to release AIOs in all three sizes, is looking to see which offers the best experience or is just testing them in general with no immediate plans to bring anything to retail.

Not much else is known about the project outside of word that a Surface AIO would be "elegant" and something you'd be proud to have in your living room. Given Microsoft's previous work in the Surface line, it's almost a given that they'll make the AIO their own in some manner or another.

In related Surface news, Windows Central is hearing that the Surface Book will likely be refreshed with Intel's Kaby Lake processors when they become available. What's more, Microsoft is said to be reworking the hinge on the Surface Book to eliminate the unsightly gap created by its fulcrum hinge. The hinge on the next device will likely allow the machine to close more in line with a traditional laptop (meaning the screen lays flat against the keyboard and doesn't create a big gap).

As always, keep in mind that these are just rumors and should be taken as such.