Amazon recently launched a partnership with Hyundai in which interested parties could book a test drive of the 2017 Elantra through its online portal. Turns out, Amazon's interest in motor vehicles runs far deeper than a one-off promotion.

Amazon still isn't in the business of selling you a car (not yet, anyway) but with Amazon Vehicles, it has just become a major repository of automotive knowledge.

Instead of scouring the Internet to find information about a particular new vehicle you're interested in, you can now pop over to Amazon's new Vehicle portal for your research needs. Think of it as a search engine for new cars.

As CNET correctly points out, at the very least, the portal could train users to think of Amazon first when it comes to automotive needs. It also bolsters Amazon Automotive, a division within the e-commerce giant that sells millions of components and replacement parts for all makes and models of vehicles.

So, what will you find at Amazon Vehicles? Detailed specifications from a variety of new automobiles complete with photos and videos. Although Amazon doesn't sell cars directly, it does provide general pricing information based on the manufacturer's suggested retail price.

Where Amazon goes from here in the automotive industry is anyone's guess. While I don't think they'd ever get into the business of selling used vehicles (or allowing members to sell their vehicles a la Craigslist), Amazon could take it a step or two further and get more involved in the actual sale of a new vehicle.