You'll often find that early previews of games and consoles come with the warning that footage shown is not final and "graphics/features are subject to change." The message appears in the recently released trailer for Nintendo's upcoming Switch machine, and for good reason: it may not have shown any actual game content.

"This video is all about explaining how the Nintendo Switch works," a Nintendo UK spokesperson told Eurogamer. "We wanted to convey in a self-contained video how Nintendo Switch represents a new era for video game systems enjoyed in front of a TV, by letting gamers play anywhere, anytime, with anyone they choose. It adds the mobility of a portable system to the power of a home gaming system."

As you can see in the still taken from the trailer, Nintendo digitally layered gameplay footage over the top of the Switch unit to give people an idea of what playing the hybrid device would be like. Eagle-eyed viewers noticed the screen's bottom corner overlapping the actor's arm.

It's been revealed that adding the game footage was necessary; one of the actors who played a Splatoon pro near the end of the video told GameXplain that people in the trailer were holding dummy units.

Nintendo's announcement comes after Bethesda and 2K Games said that Skyrim and NBA2K, both of which appear in the video, haven't been confirmed as coming to the Switch.

"You shouldn't assume what you saw on the video represents actual game footage and further specifics on first-party games will be provided later," Nintendo's spokesperson added.

Fan reaction to the revelations have been mixed. There are those who say that, as Nintendo states, the sole purpose of the video is to illustrate how the Switch will work; others, however, claim the company is deceiving consumers.

Nintendo said it would reveal details about the Switch's games at a later date. In the meantime, unanswered questions surrounding the device have seen the company's share price fall as investors worry it may not meet expectations.