Fewer than 3 percent of Android users have Nougat 7.0 or 7.1 installed on their handsets, but we're already talking about new features in the next version of the mobile operating system - expected to be released this fall.

It's likely that Google will unveil Android O at May's I/O developer conference. According to an unnamed VentureBeat source, the company is working on the following three new features - though there's no guarantee they'll appear in the next version of the OS.

The first and most interesting new addition is a feature called Copy Less, which should mean less clunky copying and pasting for users. It's a way for an app to predict what you're going to write based on the information you've been looking at in another application. If, for example, you're having a conversation in a chat app about a retailer, restaurant, or some other location and you look it up on Yelp, when you go back and type "it's at," the address will appear as one of the predictive options.

The second potential new feature is one that's been available on iOS for years. Whenever someone sends you a message that contains an address, tapping on it will automatically open Google Maps with the location highlighted. There's no word on if the feature will be limited to Google's stock Android Messages app or if it'll be available in third-party messenger apps, too.

The last rumored Android 8.0 feature involves gesture recognition controls. The source says that out of the three new elements, it's this one that is least likely to appear in the final release. If it does make it into Android O, however, users will be able to activate parts of the system and launch apps using a quick finger movement across the screen. It would be possible to draw the letter C to open a list of recent contacts, for example.