Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 smartphone is nearly ready for its encore after unceremoniously being pulled from the market in September due to safety concerns.

According to a report from ET News on Wednesday, Samsung will resurrect the troubled handset in its home market of South Korea as a refurbished device called the Galaxy Note FE (SM-N935). The "FE" stands for "Fandom Edition," the publication said.

Samsung in March revealed a three-step plan for the Galaxy Note 7.

Phase one, as highlighted here, involves refurbishing, rebranding and reselling the smartphones it collected as part of the recall process. Critically, Samsung has reportedly reduced the size of the phone's battery from 3,500mAh down to 3,200mAh (if you recall, Samsung cited battery defects as a contributing factor to the phone's unsafe nature). Recalled handsets that can't be resold will be parted out and recycled.

It was additionally revealed in March - and seemingly confirmed today - that the Galaxy Note FE won't be sold in the US (presumably due to regulatory hurdles).

The publication also noted that Samsung is supplying 300,000 units to carriers. What's unclear is whether or not the South Korean electronics giant will produce additional units if / when the recalled batch sells out or if this run is simply intended to liquidate the recalled inventory (my guess would be the latter).