You'll be hard-pressed to find firewall software that's more comprehensive – and effective – than GlassWire Pro. An all-encompassing safety solution, GlassWire safeguards up to three of your PCs with a cutting-edge firewall that monitors your PCs from end-to-end, so you can keep tabs on any suspicious activity.

With a lifetime subscription to GlassWire, you'll get access to a network monitor that visualizes current and past network activity by traffic type, app, and geographic location. You'll be notified when a new app or service accesses the web for the first time, and GlassWire even clues you in on activity that occurred while you were logged out or away from your computer.

With GlassWire's threat monitoring features, you can stay on top of hosts that are known threats, unexpected network system file changes, and much more.

There is a basic version of GlassWire which you download for free. You can also upgrade GlassWire for extra protection with two levels of service. GlassWire Pro lets you monitor, track, and protect up to three computers, while GlassWire Elite ups the count to ten. For a limited time, you can score a lifetime license to GlassWire Pro for only $29, saving 70 percent off the usual price.

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