Google's ambitious Project Fi cell phone service offers a unique alternative for users who have grown tired of hefty cell phone bills and data throttling typically associated with other major mobile carriers.

While Google's service is far from perfect, its ability to intelligently switch between one million trustworthy Wi-Fi hotspots and three 4G cellular networks (depending on which one has the strongest signal in a given area) has given it a bit of an edge over its competition.

That said, if you consider yourself a data hog, Project Fi has never been the best option. This has mostly been due to the service's lack of an unlimited data plan. However, that's changing now... to a degree. Google has introduced a new "Bill Protection" feature for Project Fi users which will allow you to set an upper limit of $60 on your bill if you push past 6GB of data used in a given month.

Furthermore, Bill Protection will let you use up to 15GB of data at no additional cost and without any speed throttling. However, the catch is that any data used after that 15GB limit will drop your speeds to 256Kbps. If you see yourself using more than 15GB of data, Google will let you retain your normal data speeds for an additional $10 per GB used.

Ultimately, the Bill Protection feature offers user more control and flexibility over their data plan and the resulting bill - something many Project Fi customers will undoubtedly appreciate.