Google's first major break into the smartphone market arguably came in the form of their Pixel and Pixel XL devices. While the company's line of Nexus phones existed long before that, they never gained quite as much traction with the public as their newer devices have despite their lower price points.

The Pixel and Pixel XL launched back in 2016 to a mostly-positive reception from critics and tech reviewers (our own Tim Schiesser gave the XL a 90/100) and it wasn't difficult to see why - the Pixel line boasted a unique, minimalist design, solid cameras and a "pure" version of Android with much less "bloatware" than you might see on other devices running Android.

If you were a fan of Google's first Pixel devices, you may be disappointed to hear the company appears to have stopped selling them entirely, as spotted by Ars Technica. The smartphones have been pulled from Google's own storefront and their Project Fi program.

To be clear, this product removal only applies to the Pixel and Pixel XL. Google's Pixel 2 smartphones are still available for purchase - this will likely continue to be the case until the company releases the rumored Pixel 3. It's also worth noting the original Pixel and Pixel XL still appear to be available through third-party retailers like Amazon.

It's unclear exactly why Google decided to pull their first Pixel devices from their storefront but it's possible low overall sales led to the decision, as Ars notes. Regardless, we've reached out to Google for comment.