As data breaches and online security concerns become more common over time, internet users have begun to look for additional ways to protect their privacy.

To accomplish this, many users have turned to their preferred browser's incognito mode. For the unaware, incognito mode usually hides your browsing history, and doesn't save your website cookies or data. The feature is available across most popular browsers, including Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera.

Unfortunately, while desktop users can simply toggle their browser's incognito mode to obfuscate their browsing activity across the internet, mobile users often rely on dedicated apps to view their favorite websites. Many of these apps, such as YouTube, don't come packaged with their own easily-accessible incognito features.

There's good news for mobile YouTube fans now, though. According to Android Police (AP), the company is currently testing an Incognito mode for the YouTube Android app.

AP claims that YouTube's mobile incognito mode will hide your subscriptions and "activity." The feature will reportedly be accessible through the mobile YouTube account menu. Within the menu, users will find a simple "Turn on Incognito" option.

To be clear, this feature isn't available to everyone yet. Google seems to be testing it at random, and strictly among Android users at the moment. However, we'll update this article should Google make an official announcement regarding the feature's future availability.

Image via Android Police