Facepalm: Last year saw wearables company Jawbone shut down and liquidate its assets. The firm's UP companion app remained functional until it was disabled earlier this year, but consumer magazine Which found that the fitness trackers are still available to buy more than a month afterward, despite being essentially useless.

The Jawbone UP2 tracker syncs its data to the UP companion app, letting users see their histories and record new workouts. The app continued to work following Jawbone's closure, but it was finally shut down over four weeks ago. However, the watchdog found that the trackers were still being sold on Amazon and through UK companies Groupon and Selfridges.

Which has informed the retailers they are selling products that are broken---users who buy one of the trackers will find that there's no way to set up new accounts or record any of their activities. Amazon UK, Selfridges and Groupon have all removed the devices from sale, though Amazon US is still selling UP2 trackers for just under $20. Unsurprisingly, it has a 1-star rating on the site, with buyers complaining that the wearable doesn't work.

Jawbone Health, the company that bought many of Jawbone's assets, said the devices haven't officially been on sale in the UK for at least two years. It added that there are plans to bring the app back, though the company hasn't released any new information since it sent out two tweets in late May.

"Retailers have a responsibility to ensure that products listed on websites or sold in stores are fully functional," Alex Neill, Which's managing director of home products and services, told The Guardian. "This is especially relevant to products that include a digital component that's vital to operation, which is typically the case with wearables.

"It's important for all retailers to ensure that suppliers keep them fully informed of any issues that customers might have and take appropriate steps where necessary to ensure that consumers are not inconvenienced."