The big picture: Google is celebrating its 20th anniversary with an interactive look back at its original office, some nostalgia-inducing Easter eggs and more. Its first 20 years have featured remarkable innovation and growth - what will the next two decades hold?

It's been just over 20 years since Stanford PhD students Sergey Brin and Larry Page started work on a research project that would ultimately become Google. To celebrate the milestone, the search giant has infused several of its most popular properties with nostalgia-inducing Easter eggs.

Over on the main search page, Google has added a handful of helpful recommendations when running queries for period-specific terms. For example, searching for "mp3 file" asks if you instead meant "stream music" and "what is Y2K?" returns a suggestion for "how does cryptocurrency work?"

There's also a new Street View entry to check out - a faithful recreation of Susan Wojcicki's California garage which served as Google's first office. As Google grew, it expanded into the home's bedrooms which you can also tour using Street View.

Google even posted some archival video footage from its early days captured by the company's sixth employee to compare how it actually looked in 1998 versus the Street View recreation. Look around in the office and you may even find some additional hidden Easter eggs including what looks like early mock-ups of Google Glass.