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The World Wide Web is 30 years old, and it's less free than ever

Forward-looking: The original World Wide Web software platform was developed by computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee while he was working at CERN. The novel information system was designed to promote faster and easier information sharing within the scientific community. It turned into an everyday commodity and entertainment routine for billions of people worldwide.

TechSpot Celebrates 30 Years of the PC

Earlier this month the original IBM PC model 5150 celebrated its 30th anniversary. Many years have passed and plenty of milestones were met along the way, from the first PC clones in 1982, to the Internet revolution in the 90s and the so-called post-PC devices hitting the market today.

We didn't want to let the occasion go by without paying our respects to the legacy that the 5150 brought. Here are some of the most important developments in the industry over the last 30+ years.