A hot potato: Earlier this week, a YouTube video created by Mark Rober went viral. The clip showed a booby-trapped Amazon package built by Rober covering thieves in glitter and fart spray after they stole it from front porches. Now, the former NASA engineer has admitted that some of the video was unintentionally fake.

After having an Amazon package stolen from his front porch, Rober decided to fight back against the criminals by designing a booby-trapped box that appeared to contain an Apple HomePod. When opened, the package hurled out a very fine glitter while spraying out fart gas.

The device also contained four smartphones to capture the thieves’ reactions, which were fantastic, but it turns out some people were in on the prank—though that wasn’t part of Rober’s plan.

In addition to leaving the package at his own house, a friend of a friend offered to help Rober by placing the device on their porch for two weeks. Rober said he would offer financial compensation for successful recoveries of the package. But in the two instances where the item was ‘stolen,’ the ‘thieves’ were acquaintances of the person who volunteered to help.

The video has now been edited to remove the two fake reactions from the original five. Although Rober was not at fault, he has apologized profusely on Twitter.

"I'm really sorry about this," he said. "I am responsible for the content that goes on my channel and I should have done more here. I can vouch that the reactions were genuine when the package was taken from my house. Having said that, I know my credibility is sort of shot."

Check out the edited version of the video below.