In brief: Another benefit of being an Amazon Prime member has now arrived for all users in the US: the Amazon Day delivery option. In a nutshell, this lets customers choose a specific day of the week for them to receive all their recent orders from the online retailer.

Amazon Day first appeared as an invite-only service back in November and has now been rolled out to all Prime members. It will no doubt be welcomed by prolific shoppers, who would prefer to receive all their weekly purchases in one go and on a day they're off work.

Not only can Amazon Day help prevent package theft (you could also try using a glitter bomb for this), but it's also friendlier to the environment. Combining several deliveries into one cuts down on the number of required boxes, which is obviously a good thing. The option is part of Amazon's Shipment Zero initiative---a vision to make half of all the company's shipments carbon neutral by 2030.

"Amazon Day adds another level of convenience to the many shipping benefits Prime members already enjoy. Prime members can now choose to get their orders delivered together in fewer boxes whenever possible on the day that works best for them," said Maria Renz, Vice President, Delivery Experience at Amazon.

Whichever day someone chooses as their Amazon Day will stay the same unless they change it at the checkout. Selecting the new option doesn't mean you can't also pick other delivery services for certain items; one-day, two-day, same-day, and two-hour shipping can still be selected, where available.