WTF?! The effects of Telltale Games' closure are still being felt. With Minecraft: Story Mode one of the titles soon to be delisted as a result of the studio's shuttering, the game's individual episodes for the Xbox 360 are now listed for $99.99 each---but there's a good reason why.

Minecraft: Story Mode has been removed from most platforms, and last month saw the official website announce that Season 1 and 2 would stop being supported as of June 25, meaning previous buyers won't be able to download or redownload them after this date.

It was discovered that removing Minecraft: Story Mode from the Xbox 360 platform resulted in owners becoming unable to download the episodes before the end of support date. The only solution was to relist the games for sale, but at a price so high it would stop anyone from buying them: $99.99.

"This is simply the only mechanism available to facilitate players being able to download their remaining episodes prior to servers shutting down," explained the game's official Facebook page.

It's emphasized that the prices are real, and that nobody should buy the games as they will be charged the full hundred dollars. Once the servers are shut down on June 25, the listing will be removed and Minecraft: Story Mode will no longer be available to buy or download on the Xbox 360.

As noted by Polygon, other Telltale titles on the Xbox 360 aren't experiencing the same issues, with Batman - The Telltale Series available for the usual $4.99 per episode price, while Tales from the Borderlands has been removed completely.