Apple lost its top design executive recently when Jony Ive – a name most tech enthusiasts will know well – decided to part ways with the tech giant after a whopping 30 years of service. That was undoubtedly a sad day for many Apple fans and employees, but the company is working quickly to at least partially fill the void left in his absence.

Bloomberg today reported that Apple has decided to hire former Tesla engineer Steve MacManus; the man partly responsible for the sleek, minimalist interiors that can be found in many modern Tesla vehicles.

Though there's obviously a pretty big difference between smart devices and vehicles, the minimalist approach Tesla takes to interior design is something Apple is also quite fond of; so it does make a fair amount of sense that they've decided to bring him on board.

MacManus' new role will be that of a "senior director," and though it's not entirely clear what his day-to-day job will be, we wouldn't be surprised to see him offer Apple some insight into smartphone or tablet design. And hey – if Apple's self-driving car plans ever get renewed, MacManus' experience in the field will be all the more useful; assuming he sticks around that long, of course.

It's worth noting that this is not the first time Apple has poached an executive from Tesla. Elon Musk once called the tech company a Tesla "graveyard," and that's not an unreasonable statement. As Bloomberg points out, Apple has already scooped up "at least three" former high-level Tesla engineers in the past year alone.

It remains to be seen whether or not MacManus will be the last hire Apple pulls from the "former Tesla chief" pool of talent.

Lead image credit: Shutterstock