In context: The first reports of joystick drift began to emerge for Nintendo's Switch Lite only days after launch. The problem had been a thorn in players' sides since it started popping up in the JoyCons of the original Switch shortly after its release.

Although JoyCon drift was a widely known and reported problem, Nintendo did not make efforts to fix it, resulting in a class-action lawsuit over the faulty parts. The pressure forced the company to reportedly start offering free JoyCon repairs.

Despite its repair efforts, it appears the company has not attempted to fix the problem at its source. While tear-downs by iFixit and others have revealed that Nintendo has changed the joystick mechanisms in the Lite, the controllers are still exhibiting the drifting problem.

With the launch of the Switch Lite only a week behind us, owners of the new system have now been added to the original class action filed earlier this year. The updated lawsuit levels several charges at Nintendo including fraud, warranty law violations, misrepresentation, breach of implied warranties, and unjust enrichment. Claimants are seeking financial compensation and other penalties.

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As we pointed out last week, the problem is even more compounded with the Switch Lite since its joysticks are integrated into the body of the device rather than being detachable. Repairing the faulty components is not a simple matter of taking apart a single JoyCon, but disassembling the entire unit.

Even if Switch extends its repair program to the Switch Lite, the extra expense is going to eat into the company's bottom line. Additionally, users will be forced to wait on repair or replacement of their entire unit instead of just the controllers, which can be replaced.

TechSpot has reached out to Nintendo for comment but has not received a response.

Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith, the law firm representing the class action, has set up a website for those affected by the problem to join the lawsuit.