In context: Nvidia’s game-streaming platform GeForce Now is beginning to roll out to Android phones. The service has been available in beta form on macOS since 2017, and PC since the beginning of 2018.

Even though it is still in the testing phase, as of August, users have logged over 30 million hours of gameplay on the platform. It was at that time that Nvidia confirmed it would be launching an Android version of the software.

On Monday, the first handful of Android devices began downloading the GeForce Now app. Currently, it is only officially available in Korea, but 9to5Mac notes that the app should start appearing in other regions over the next several days. For those who don’t have the patience to wait, you can click over to TechSpot Downloads and sideload it from there.

Devices do need to be running Android 5.0 or later. Users should also keep in mind that the platform is still in beta, so there are bound to be hiccups here or there. You will also need a gamepad, as playing using screen controls is for the birds. Performance is heavily reliant on data connection speeds, so fast, reliable internet is a prerequisite as well.

If all goes as Nvidia hopes, users will be playing RTX-powered games on their smartphones. However, keep in mind that game streaming is far from ideal or perfected. PlayStation’s Remote Play has been around since 2006 (PSP), and it has yet to overcome frequent lag and unexpected disconnects.

If you don’t already have a GeForce Now account, you will have to get on the waiting list at Nvidia’s website.