Why it matters: Apple's iOS team has been working like dogs since the shaky release of iOS 13. Today the company just pushed iOS 13.2, which adds features and support for some of Cupertino's newest products including the iPhone 11 and AirPods Pro.

Apple just rolled out iOS 13.2. Features include "Deep Fusion" photography, AirPod Pro support, a Siri privacy setting, and new emojis.

Deep Fusion, which Apple described in it unveiling of iPhone 11 last month, is a computational photography method that takes the best pixels from nine images and fuses them into a single photo. Of course, users will have to have the newest iPhone 11 to take advantage of this technology. However, Cult of Mac notes that there is a third-party solution that works on older phones.

The AI-enhanced results will reportedly render highly detailed images that look more natural and with less noise. The technology should produce better-looking photos, especially those with poor lighting.

The iOS update also adds support for the new AirPods Pro, which Apple sneakily unveiled this morning. The update's main feature offered for the newest earbuds is Announce Messages. This functionality has Siri reading incoming messages automatically.

About 70 new emojis have been added to update. The pack includes more "inclusive" icons like a seeing-eye dog, a robotic arm, and people in wheelchairs. A slew of animals was thrown in for good measure as well.

Apple has also included a privacy-related feature for Siri. There will now be a setting allowing users to turn off data sharing for the voice assistant. This addition was likely due to the recent uproar over third-party contractors listening to recordings of interactions with various competitors' AI.

Although this is done reportedly to improve the capabilities of the assistant, too many users found it creepy. So Apple devices now allow interaction sharing to be disabled. The operating system will highlight this setting after users install the update.

The newest iOS patch will presumably carry all the security and bug fixes as well, although it is unclear what those are. As of publication, Apple still has not updated its release notes for iOS13.2.

Image credit: pio3 via Shutterstock