What just happened? The PC demo of Detroit: Become Human PC demo went live a few days ago, according to an announcement from Quantic Dream. However, it soon landed into technical problems, forcing a removal from the Epic Games Store and will now be coming back sometime this week.

Gamers interested in checking out Detroit: Become Human on the PC before parting with $40 need to wait a bit longer for the game's demo after it becomes available (again) this week.

The demo briefly appeared on the Epic Games Store last Thursday but was taken down the very next day due to technical issues, according to a tweet from the developer.

Hardware requirements for the game came out a day before release but some players (running the full version) are reportedly experiencing frame drops and other optimization issues on the PC port. One user claims to be getting 20-25 fps at low settings with a Ryzen 3 1200 / GTX 1060 combination, making demos an evermore useful feature in such scenarios.

When it goes live later this week, the demo will let users try out the first mission of the game known as "The Hostage" which they'll be able to play exclusively via the Epic Games Store app on the PC.