In context: PC enthusiasts love to customize and tweak their rigs through overclocking, part swapping, case modding, or even the addition of fancy RGB lighting. Now, NZXT wants to give them yet another way to make their machines their own with its latest line of liquid CPU coolers.

NZXT today announced multiple additions to its "Kraken" CPU cooler roster, all of which fall into the new X-3 and Z-3 product line-ups. The Z-3 series promises to offer the most "visually appealing" and "highest performing" all-in-one (AIO) coolers on the market.

Though we can't vouch for the latter claim without testing the devices ourselves, NZXT certainly seems to have achieved the former. Both of the company's new Z-3 AIOs – the 280mm Kraken Z63 ($250) and the 360mm Kraken Z73 ($280) – feature a new, fully customizable LCD screen instead of the already-impressive "infinity mirror" logo and light ring design we've seen in the past.

The screens have been built directly into the Z73 and Z63's water blocks, and they can display just about anything you want. You can add GIFs, static images, system details (such as your CPU temperature), and more. You do have to use NZXT's often-finicky "CAM" software to make these adjustments, but that's probably a small price to pay for some customization fanatics.

NZXT's cheaper X-3 series AIOs don't have the customizable LCD screens that their pricier cousins do, but all of the company's new coolers feature Aer P radiator fans, which were designed for silent "liquid-cooling perfection." The X-3 line-up consists of the 240mm Kraken X53 ($130), the 280mm X63 ($150), and the 360mm X73 ($180).

If you want to snag any of the coolers mentioned above, you can do so now. All X-3 and Z-3-series AIOs are available for purchase on Amazon or NZXT's website.